MS Excel (Basic & Intermediate)

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Course introduction

Microsoft Excel Basic & Intermediate course will equip you with hands-on knowledge to perform advanced data analysis, collaborate on workbooks with other users, and automate workbook functionality.

Target Audience

This course is intended for students who wish to gain the foundational understanding of Microsoft Office Excel and use some of the higher level functionality in Microsoft Excel to analyze and present data.

Course Outline

Training Methodologies

  • Training is hands-on using easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) on live exercises of each topic.
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Topic A: Navigate the Microsoft Excel User Interface
  • Topic B: Use Microsoft Excel Commands
  • Topic C: Create and Save a Basic Workbook
  • Topic D: Enter Cell Data
  • Topic E: Use Excel Help
Lesson 2: Performing Calculations
  • Topic A: Create Worksheet Formulas
  • Topic B: Insert Functions
  • Topic C: Reuse Formulas and Functions
Lesson 3: Modifying a Worksheet
  • Topic A: Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • Topic B: Search for and Replace Data
Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet
  • Topic A: Apply Text Formats
  • Topic B: Apply Number Formats
  • Topic C: Align Cell Contents
  • Topic D: Apply Styles and Themes
  • Topic E: Apply Basic Conditional Formatting
  • Topic F: Create and Use Templates
Lesson 5: Managing Workbooks
  • Topic A: Manage Worksheets
  • Topic B: Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views
  • Topic C: Manage Workbook Properties
Lesson 6: Printing Workbooks
  • Topic A: Preview and Print a Workbook
  • Topic B: Set Up the Page Layout
  • Topic C: Configure Headers and Footers
Lesson 7: Working with Lists
  • Topic A: Sort Data
  • Topic B: Filter Data
  • Topic C: Outline and Subtotal Data
  • Topic D: Consolidate Data
Lesson 8: Advanced Functions
  • Topic A: Work with Logical Functions
  • Topic B: Work with Date & Time Functions
Lesson 9: Analyzing Data
  • Topic A: Create and Modify Tables
  • Topic B: Apply Intermediate Conditional Formatting
  • Topic C: Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting
Lesson 10: Visualizing Data with Charts
  • Topic A: Create Charts
  • Topic B: Modify and Format Charts

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Trainer Profile

ACTA and Microsoft Certified

VTeach appoints experienced trainers who are knowledgeable on wide range of topics and skillful at teaching in the interesting and simple way. We invest a lot of time finding the right trainers and have fantastic team working for us.
Our trainers are all qualified who are ACTA and Microsoft Certified.