Social Media Advocacy Strategies

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Organisations and brands marketing on social media would have developed a sizeable community at some point. As advertising messages become less effective to these communities as consumers become wary, brands and organisations need to leverage on their consumers' 'love' on social media to support key brand messages with more credibility. Unlike sponsored influencers or celebrities, these everyday consumers have much more significant social credibility. They can influence other consumers' perceptions and possibly even defend the brands in times of social media crisis. So is there a systematic way to develop social media advocacy? This course offers a strategic framework on developing a social media advocacy program. The key principles presented in the framework can be customised to the needs of any brand or organisation for deployment. Through a combination of presentation and case studies, it will arm attendees with the right mindset and understanding to plan, deploy and sustain an effective social media advocacy program.

Course Benefits

  • Understand the key principles of social media advocacy
  • Appreciate the benefits of social media advocacy done right
  • Create a social media advocacy strategy
  • Develop a systematic process to recruit social advocates
  • Use social advocates effectively and correctly
  • Plan for sufficient resources to sustain a social media advocacy program
  • Benchmark the success of a social media advocacy program

Target Audience

Business owners, Company executives, Brand owners, Corporate Communications and Marketing professionals.

Course Outline

Introduction to developing social media advocacy

The evolution of social media marketing
Who are the real social advocates
Key benefits to getting social media advocacy right
Program vs. campaign
Recruiting your social advocates

Who – Identifying the key groups of social advocates
Where – Locating your social advocates
What – Considering key issues when recruiting social advocates
How – Starting the social advocacy program
Using your social advocates (correctly)

Convincing the community via:
- Discussions to facilitate key conversations
- Referrals to encourage trials
- Influence using social credibility
Amplifying key messages
Protecting the brand
Sustaining your social media advocacy program

Resources needed to start and sustain a program
Results to quantify the returns of the program
Review the results for improvement

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Ryan Lim

Ryan Lim is the co-founder and Business Director of Blugrapes, a marketing consultancy specialising in digital consumer engagement across social media and mobile marketing platforms. He has 15 years of experience in digital marketing and has led Blugrapes to become Agency Of The Year finalist for two years. Currently he heads the Consulting Team to provide social media consultancy and solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He is constantly sought after as a marketing industry expert for key social media opinion pieces and is a regular contributor of articles to many leading marketing publications.

Ryan is often invited to train marketing professionals on social media. With a vision to make Digital Marketing better, he has trained over 2,000 marketing professionals across the ASEAN region to date. He is also a prolific speaker appearing at key digital marketing industry conferences.