Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - The Key to Improving Relationship, Work Performance and Success

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a 'must-have' skill for all levels of executives and leaders. It is the cornerstone skill for all management and leadership. It's the key to improving relationships and work performance. By attending this course, participants will uncover their Emotional Intelligence literacy, and be provided with action plans and strategies to improve their EQ competencies through a 6-month action plan via self-directed learning (SDL). The action plan when completed on our continuous e-learning and training portal (CET) will lead you to improve relationships with co-workers, better job satisfaction, higher retention of employees, increased productivity and improved profitability.

Target Audience

Suitable for staff, supervisors, high potentials, leaders, managers, executives and anyone who wants to learn how to be more successful with relationships and increased performance at work.

Course Outline

What is Emotional Intelligence?
You will learn and understand the competencies and skills that make up the Emotional Intelligence model developed by Dr Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves.

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence
This section provides case studies of global companies benefiting from applying Emotional Intelligence, which resulted in high employees' retention rate, improved relationships and increased revenues.

View of My EQ
Understand your self-emotional intelligence, self-appraisal, pinpoint your strengths and areas for further development. You will be provided with immediate strategies to begin using for your chosen skill.

Personal Competence
In this module, you will learn the skills to stay aware of your emotions, manage your behaviour and tendencies to interact and engage others effectively.

Social Competence
In this module, you will learn to understand other people's mood, behaviour and motivation in order to improve the quality of your relationships.

6-month Action Plan
TalentSmart has built a global eLearning portal to help you continue learning after the course. This is supported by videos and lessons designed to help you learn. The Emotional Intelligence action plan will help you focus your efforts more effectively as you explore and apply the EQ strategies provided in your self-appraisal. You will also be taught how to find a mentor to support you in the action plan.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Sim Sen

Sim Sen has been training and coaching emotional intelligence for over a decade. Sim is a veteran aviator for over two decades with the airline industry. A business partner consultant with SHELL, he has trained and coached hundreds of leaders and managers from different nationalities and countries spanning across industries in government, SMEs and MNCs.

Sim is a certified coach by ICF, Ken Blanchard, David Rock, DDI-World, CCPC, Marshall Goldsmith and Yale University. He is EQ certified in EIA, ESCI, MSCEIT, RULER, EQ-i 2.0 and 6 Seconds.

Sim has completed an applied science degree in aviation training technology, master in communication and master in HR with Texas State and Queensland universities.