Better Grammar for Professional Business Communications

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Clear business communication is essential to getting your message across and proposal accepted. Why let lapses in grammar mar your message? This course troubleshoots and clears up your doubts about problem areas in writing. You will learn how to manipulate the English Language to your advantage to emphasise your message.

Target Audience

For PR practitioners and anyone interested in improving writing skills and acquiring better Business English for effective communication.

Course Outline

  •     Identifying the objective of the writing to attain the desired result
  •     Shaping, sequencing and developing the material
  •     Review of the tenses (focus on the perfect tenses)
  •     Review of the Parts of Speech (focus on the errors that arise)
  •     Using the dictionary
  •     Keeping sentences short and not overloading them
  •     Manipulating sentence structure to suit the purpose (independent and dependent clauses)
  •     Writing clear subjects and positioning these strategically
  •     Avoiding dangling constructions
  •     The enemies of a good style
  •     Weeding out ambiguity and clutter 
  •     Selecting transition links for coherence
  •     Creating effective paragraphs with topic sentences to highlight main points
  •     Persuading the reader with the right vocabulary
  •     The demands of different writing (email, memos, letters, reports, proposals, newsletters)

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Valerie Valberg-Yeoh

Valerie Valberg-Yeoh brings to the course 26 years of experience in communications. The top graduate of her cohort of teacher trainees became Editor of Singapore Airlines' award-winning house newspaper, Outlook. Her particular expertise is linguistics. After an overseas stint, Valerie returned to teach Communications Skills at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Valerie has been conducting training in both written and spoken communications. In 1993, she won the PAN SE Asian Toastmasters' Speech Competition and has added presentation skills and speech training to her courses. She also conducts courses for the Institute of Public Relations.

Among Valerie's corporate lients are the Singapore National Employers' Federation, Creative Technology, Visa International, Singapore Technologies, GlaxoSmithkline, Nanyang Polytechnic and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.