Microsoft Access 2010 Basic to Intermediate

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Course introduction

Besides understanding the right user requirements, the design and structure of a database (often a step that is not taught) is the most fundamental and crucial process for any system to be built upon. Achieving one without the other would render the system ineffective and even unsuitable. Some Key Pointers to Consider: • How do I determine what fields are needed for the database/system? • How do I determine how many tables are need? • How do I determine which field goes into which table? This 2-day hands-on foundation building course is designed to bridge that missing crucial step and equip new and inexperienced users with the key components in Microsoft Access 2010 and database design concepts that you would require to build a database, design and formulate queries for retrieving data and generating reports. You will be taught the concept of a correct database design using essential normalization approach, create data tables and link their relationships. Get to understand the different data types and how to decide which data is to be allocated into which table. Failing these your database would be inefficient and your database may not work properly. You will learn how to import data into your database, add, retrieve, modify and delete records from tables, and how to build forms and reports easily in Access. This course is designed with a workshop and many hands-on exercises to allow you to practice key lessons taught to help you create a proper working day

Target Audience

Learners with zero to little knowledge of using Microsoft Access 2010.

Public Sector - Division 1, 2 & 3
Private Sector - Applicable to All

Course Outline

  • Introduction of a Database
  • Working Through Normalisation Concept
  • Working Through Table Design
  • Understanding Field Properties
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Working with Datasheet View
  • Importing/Exporting Data
  • Working with Prefix
  • Report Design
  • Query Design
  • Form Design

Available Course Sessions

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