Photoshop CS6 Intermediate

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Course introduction

Join us for this 3-day course to learn to use the new as well as enhanced features to refine your images. Here are some highlights of what you will learn: Retouch images Apply the new amazing blur gallery Fix distortion and perspective issues with the improved and enhanced Crop tools Generate 3D text Optimize your images for the web Sharpen and remove noise in images Whether it is retouching a not-so-perfect image, removing a defect, creating a composite, realigning a crooked nose, this course gives you an opportunity to have fun as well as to apply many available features and tools to 'Photoshop' your images. The hands-on exercises will definitely ensure that you thoroughly enjoy and enhance your image editing skills!

Target Audience

Learners who have completed our Photoshop CS6 Fundamentals module or for those who are experienced and familiar with the topics covered in that module

Course Outline

  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Working with Content-Aware
  • Filters Extended
  • Understanding Blending Modes
  • Fun with Liquify
  • Working with 3D Text
  • Fun with Automate
  • Focus Web Output
  • Fun with Puppet Warp

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

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More than 15 years of training experience.
Certified trainers by ACTA, MOS or ITE.
Highly regarded by many learners.