Team Performance Building

Kaplan Professional

Course introduction

This programme will enable individuals to achieve results within a limited area of responsibility. It covers interpreting and implementing plans, establishing performance contracts and monitoring team performance.

Target Audience

Those currently in a management role or aspiring to the role, with the skills and knowledge to support achievement of results in their organisation.

Course Outline

Participants will experience and learn to:

  •     Work with team members to interpret team plans
  •     Allocate tasks and resources to team members, considering each individual’s skills, knowledge and experiences
  •     Negotiate and document the deliverables and performance expectations of each team member
  •     Identify learning and development programmes that may support performance
  •     Provide regular feedback to team members to maintain awareness of expected and actual performance
  •     Respond to employee performance to ensure performance standards are met
  •     Manage and lead team performance to generate results
  •     Work with team members to evaluate outcomes of team plan implementation
  •     Review team performance against success criteria
  •     Monitor and assess emerging risks that may impact on team performance
  •     Identify appropriate control and contingency measures to address emerging risks
  •     Report on evaluation of team plan implementation

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Kaplan Learning Institute

Upgrading your credentials and skilling-up is increasingly essential in a highly competitive workforce. Kaplan Learning Institute offers professional qualifications in the areas of accountancy and finance (under the department of Kaplan Financial), and also soft-skills short-term training (under the department of Kaplan Professional) all aimed to hone your skill sets to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. Allow us to help build your success story!