Communicate & Relate Effectively at the Workplace

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Course introduction

In today's increasingly interconnected business environment, it is vital for employees to be able to communicate and relate effectively with others in the workplace; with clients and in particular, with their team. This programme will enable individuals to be able to use effective communication techniques to interpret, clarify, analyse and respond to information received, and use effective negotiation skills to resolve conflicts for a win-win outcome, taking into consideration social and cultural differences.

Target Audience

Operational and front-line staff who need to know how to communicate and relate effectively at the workplace.

Course Outline

Participants will experience and learn to:

  • Interpret and analyse information received
  • Plan response to information received taking into account the social and cultural background of recipient of information
  • Use appropriate communication techniques that consider social and cultural differences to clarify and respond to information received
  • Identify signs, stages and causes of conflict with individuals or groups of people
  • Define the conflict and highlight points of differences/ contention objectively, taking into consideration social and cultural differences of parties involved
  • Negotiate for mutually acceptable solutions by all parties using effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Communicate outcome of negotiation and propose relevant recommendations with justifications to supervisor
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Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

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