About Us

Orita Sinclair is not your average local art/design school.
We believe in doing things differently - all to your advantage.

Vision & Mission


To be a premier education institution focusing on design & music.


To develop our students to be bold and imaginative professionals in the pursuit of their ambitions.


To be an open and transparent with school policies and maintain a high level of professionalism.


To strive for excellence and be passionate in providing world-class education for our students.


To be trendsetters in the creative education industry through high-quality student works and innovative programmes.

Foo See Meng

Principal's Message

Welcome to Orita Sinclair! The school that focuses on teaching and nurturing the love for design and music, all of which have become integral to our modern day society.

For more than a decade, Orita Sinclair has been offering industry-driven courses that provide the theoretical and practical foundation for students to successfully meet the demands and challenges of the design and music industries. Yet we also seek to be a place that nurtures individual creativity, innovation and critical thinking. In other words, your education at Orita Sinclair will be one that teaches you how to be a trendsetter.

At Orita Sinclair, you will be given the opportunity to learn and share ideas with dedicated practitioners. They are well-experienced educators and active contributors to their fields of expertise.

I am confident that you will enjoy studying in Orita Sinclair and find your time spent with us a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Foo See Meng
CEO & Principal

Board of Directors

Mr. Tan Hup Foi
Mr. Tan Hup Foi
Mr. Tay Eng Hoe
Mr. Tay Eng Hoe
Mr. Koh Soo Keong
Mr. Koh Soo Keong

Our Partners

the design society
design business chamber