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Student life and graduate services

On-campus activities

Students with a flair for the arts like photography, music, and dance can join the numerous recreational interest groups on campus through the Media and Arts Society of Kaplan (MASK). Students who are passionate about sports can join our football and basketball clubs. These groups give students the opportunity to a holistic education and indulge in their passions outside of academics.

Students who want to do their part in community building can participate in various activities through Care Serve and Enrich (CaSE), a student organization that has been involved in activities such as volunteering in gift collection for underprivileged families. Local and international students can serve their peers by volunteering to be Students Leaders in the Student Committee. By giving students the opportunity to become involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities, Kaplan makes it easier for students to adjust to university life smoothly.

To make their transition to the workforce smoother, Kaplan organises visits to established multinational and local companies to give the students a glimpse into how businesses operate which would also be useful for international students who return to their home countries to work.

Graduate services

Kaplan regularly holds workshops and seminars that equip graduates with soft skills for the working world. Some examples include entrepreneur talks and workshops on managing job interviews and good writing skills. These workshops are conducted by highly experienced trainers, some of whom also train at Kaplan Professional (the professional training division of Kaplan).

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Student Services at Kaplan Singapore