Master of Science (Marketing) (Full Time)

Provided by: East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)

Course Introduction


  • To understand the business environment and the influence of both consumers and micro and macro influences that shape the industry.
  • To understand the role of different cultures in shaping national, regional and global business practice.
  • To develop in graduates, both within the business curriculum and in the context of their degree programme, a range of transferable skills appropriate to employers needs.
  • To develop analytical and evaluative skills.


  Mar / Jun / Sep / Dec

Core Modules:

1. Marketing
2. Marketing Research
3. Consumer Behaviour
4. Marketing Communication
5. International Marketing

Elective Modules:

6. Services Marketing
7. Marketing Channels
8. Negotiation
9. Quantitative Methods

  •   100% Written Examination

Generally the curriculums for all levels are taught over 3 terms. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classroom sessions where students are introduced to the course discipline. Each term will cover 3-4 modules with 56 contact hours per module. Lectures are 2-hour sessions.
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