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TMC Certificate in IT Infrastructure Support, Monitoring and Cyber Security

Provided by: TMC Academy
Awarded by: TMC Academy

Course Introduction

The TMC Certificate in IT Infrastructure Support, Monitoring and Cyber Security course equips learners with holistic knowledge of technology competencies. This course is recommended for employees and professionals with up to 3 years of experience in Technology & Operations (T&O) or support the banking and financial services industry.

This course is accredited under IBF Standards Competency Unit (CU10) Infrastructure Support and Monitoring and mapped to Technology & Operations – IBF Level 2 (CU 10: IT Infrastructure Support & Monitoring). Up to 90% IBF Funding (refer to course fees tab).

TMC Academy is the only Private Education Institution accredited by Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) as a Training Provider under the IBF Standards.

Area of Studies

- Monitor IT infrastructure operations and perform the IT infrastructure maintenance and support tasks
- Resolution for IT Infrastructure issues using Firewalls
- Continuous Reviews and assessments on risk and vulnerabilities on Information and Human Security and preventive measures for IT Infrastructure issue
- Identify common security related issues in IT infrastructure
- Cyber Threats, Account Compromise, System Failure and develop troubleshooting procedures
- Impact of Security Incident and Classify Issues to Network and Information Infrastructure Virtualization platform
- IT infrastructure issues and understanding of the issues
- Perform Trend Analysis on Key Issues Related to IT infrastructure and Security Policies, Standards and Guidelines
- Technical Advice such as Cryptography and Authentication Applications related to IT infrastructure
- Effective methods to analyse trends based on issues identified
The following blended learning activities will be carried out during the course:
- Lab Tasks
- Case Studies
- Interactive  
- Quizzes
- Role Play

Entry Requirements

Learners are required to possess the following:
Completed IBF Standards Technology level 1 programme; or show proof of competency at level 1; or
Possess minimum 3 years of relevant experience in IT Infrastructure management related functions.

Fees & Funding

IBF Standards Training Scheme Funding (IBF-STS) Available:
  1. Non Company-Sponsored Track
    Non Company-Sponsored participants are required to be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents physically based in Singapore.
  2. Company-Sponsored Track
    Company-Sponsored participants are required to be staff of Singapore-based financial sector entities being sponsored for the programmes. Financial sector entities would refer to Financial Institutions, entities regulated by MAS (either licensed or exempted from licensing). Entities that are significantly involved in supporting financial sector activities will be assessed for eligibility on a case-by-case basis. To be eligible for funding, sponsored staff should be:
    • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents physically based in Singapore;
    • Of executive level 3 and involved in or supporting financial sector activities; and
    • Permanent or contract (≥ 1 year) staff, engaged on a full or part-time basis.
To qualify for IBF-STS funding, trainees must successfully complete the training programme (including passing all relevant assessments and examinations). Staff who attend a programme in the capacity of an instructor or facilitator, e.g. presenter / speaker / panelist are not eligible for IBF-STS funding.
Funding Amount:
  • 70% funding of direct training costs
  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above will be eligible for 90% co-funding of direct training costs
Funding can be claimed within 3 months upon successful completion of the course. For more information on IBF Certification and Continuing Professional Development requirements and funding matters, visit
Funding / Grants
  • Other grants: IBF Standards Training Scheme Funding (IBF-STS)

Study Mode & Duration

30 hours (10 sessions of 3 hours or customized based on corporate request)

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