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Development of Mobile Applications

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Course Introduction

The Development of Mobile Applications course provides a synopsis of how to develop applications for Android 4 smart phones and tablets. The course addresses all the fundamentals, including user interfaces, networking, SMS messaging, databases and location-based services. It is a practical course primarily for those who wish to extend their java ability beyond and deploy their own Android Apps in the market.

Curriculum Overview

This course equips participants with holistic knowledge of technology competencies. IT professionals and aspiring individuals looking to enter the workforce industry will also find it very beneficial. The 30 hours practice-oriented course adopts a multi-dimensional approach through extensive computer laboratory tasks using scenario-based activities. Participants will learn to perform, manage mobile application development activities and implement mobile applications that address business requirements.

Area of Studies

- Introduction to XML
- Introduction to Android
- Activities, Fragments and Intents
- Layouts and Designs of Android User Interface (UI)
- Displaying Pictures and Menus With Views
- Data Persistence
- Messaging & Location-Based Services
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