Campus Life @ MDIS

Student Development

In addition to academic quality, the institute holds diversity as one of its most valued tenets, and aims to enrich students' academic experiences by providing them with an environment in which they are encouraged to explore and uncover their full potential.

We aim to work in partnership with our students on a learning journey that is both holistic and fulfilling. Our ambition is to share our students' dreams, resolve their concerns and, help them achieve personal and professional success.

Career Assistance

The MDIS Career Assistance Unit hosts job placement services exclusively for MDIS members and students from its partner organisations. We also collaborate with employers to offer internship programmes and industry recruitment talks, providing students with opportunities in the corporate world whilst studying. A one-stop resume submission service and a career counselling service, teamed with useful career networks and relevant articles, are also available to students to help them in their career search.

Student Care and Administration

The Student Care and Administration department ensures that our students can study in a conducive and holistic learning environment. We organise various activities for students such as the orientation programme and educational visits to local and multi-national corporations in Singapore. We also provide counselling support, pastoral care and guidance for our students.

Overseas Study Advisory

The MDIS Overseas Studies Advisory Unit (OSA) is a one-stop service provider for students who wish to pursue their studies overseas. Set up to assist students in their applications to MDIS' numerous internationally recognised university partners in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, the MDIS OSA ensures that students will have a seamless transition process.

Personal Development Programme

As employers now look beyond academic qualifications, we recognise the importance of providing relevant personal development training of students. The MDIS Experience is a compulsory personal development programme for all MDIS full-time students, designed to develop critical and soft skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, communication and relationship-building, which are essential for the workplace.

Learning Support Tools

Each staff member, student and lecturer at MDIS has access to MDIS' Blackboard Learning Management System. Students who have challenges doing assignments can go online and seek help or discuss concerns with their classmates and lecturers in discussion forums. Students can also go online to access recorded lectures, course notes, supplementary reading materials and other learning resources anytime, anywhere.

MDIS' Blackboard is not only a learning support tool; it also serves as an e-learning and community platform for students and lecturers alike.

Video-recorded Classes

Digital web-based videos are available to lecturers and students in selected classrooms. MDIS' video streaming enables students and busy working professionals to review the lessons anytime, anywhere, enhancing their learning experiences.

Resource HUB (Library) and Brainwaves, the Bookshop

Resource Hub
Students have exclusive access to Resource HUB at the campus which houses over 28,000 resource materials such as books, journals, annual reports, final year projects and dissertations. All MDIS students have access to e-databases (subscribed by Resource HUB) tailored to courses, assignments and students’ research needs. For their convenience, self-service printing and photocopying facilities as well as free Wi-Fi access are available at the Resource HUB.

In addition, the on-campus bookshop carries a range of academic textbooks and stationery.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Gym in MDIS
Students studying at MDIS are encouraged to participate in the many sports and recreational activities that are available on campus. Activities such as basketball and badminton tournaments, hip hop classes, interactive games, and many more are organised for members to get together and extend their networks. Students can join various sports groups including the Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Cricket Club, Modern Dance Club, Soccer Club and Tennis Club. Students are also entitled to use the campus sports facilities, such as the gymnasium, table-tennis and badminton courts.