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Programme Details
Date: 26 Jul 2012 - 27 Jul 2012
Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Venue: Near Tanjong Pagar MRT 12 Prince Edward Road, Bestway Building Podium B, #02-04, Room Oxford.
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Programme Synopsis
Senior Managers combine supervisory duties with leadership ability to drive superior performance. The very best managers are those who have taken the time to identify and hone the key skills required by their craft and who have worked to develop those skills to a high level. In this program, you will learn leadership competencies needed by Senior Managers and how you can begin increasing your effectiveness.

This 2-day course is unique in that it has 4 unique ½-day sub learning events; each a fully fledged course in itself. Each ½-day course is intensive, deals with an important aspect of the main topic and ends with Action Commitments for that session. At the end of 2 days you will take away Action Commitments which you internalize and practice till it becomes a professional habit.

In this course, you will learn proven strategies that will make you effective in 4 Main Areas:
1. Becoming a Leader,
2. Strategies for Effective Leadership,
3. How Excellent Leaders Lead and
4. Entrepreneurial Thinking

Module 1: Becoming a Leader
The more of a leader you become on the inside, the more effective you become in all your leadership activities on the outside. In this module, you will learn the seven essential qualities of effective leaders in every area of endeavor. With these qualities you will accomplish more and faster than ever before. Capitalize on the potential you have inside, become a leader and see your company soar!

Module 2: Strategies for Effective Leadership
Successful businesses require outstanding leadership. There are specific ways of thinking and acting that are common to successful leaders in every type of business organization. By asking provocative and uncomfortable questions, you begin to think deeper and more accurately than the people around you. This module will teach you how to bank on your strengths to think and strategize just like the best leaders in every situation.

Module 3: How Excellent Leaders Lead
Learn how to inspire your people to perform at high levels of productivity all the time. Being a great leader is more than just telling people what to do. The very best leaders are those who can elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people. Your ability to get the very most out of the people who report to you is a key measure of your effectiveness as an executive. In this Module, you will learn how to manage your personal style in such a way that you get the very best out of each person who reports to you.

Module 4: Entrepreneurial Thinking
Learn some of the best methods for thinking and acting practiced by the most creative and entrepreneurial managers and leaders in every business. These skills will give you the direction, clarity and focus you need to take your business to the next level! In this module, you learn some of the key skills of thinking and acting practiced by the most creative and entrepreneurial managers and leaders in every business. By applying these skills, you can revitalize your entire organization.

Session 1: Becoming a Leader (Day 1, AM Session)

  • The leaders as the most important factor in organizational success;
  • The primary quality of leadership;
  • The foremost of the leadership virtues;
  • Henry Ford’s insight into leadership;
  • The vital leadership commitment;
  • The continuous process of personal and professional development.

Session 2: Strategies for Effective Leadership (Day 1, PM session)

  • The two keys to success in leadership;
  • Your most valuable asset;
  • Four reasons for setting strategy;
  • Five key questions for strategic planning;
  • The three starting points of strategic planning activities;
  • The strategy of quality leadership.

Session 3: How Excellent Leaders Lead (Day 2, AM session)

  • The appropriate leadership styles;
  • The four requirements of a leadership situation;
  • Analyzing the task relevant maturity of each subordinate;
  • The different personality styles facing each leader;
  • Three decision making styles you can use;
  • The top quality of successful leaders.

Session 4: Entrepreneurial Thinking (Day 2, PM session)

  • The most important single factor impacting your business;
  • The importance of customer service;
  • Key qualities for entrepreneurial leadership;
  • Value migration strategy;
  • White space strategy;
  • Three entrepreneurial leadership strategies;
  • Positioning strategies;
  • The key to market leadership.

At People As Assets, we are committed to follow an organized way of delivering our Program. Each half-day session follows this methodology:
  • Q & A session;
  • Presentation;
  • Video lesson featuring Brian Tracy;
  • Written Assessment;
  • Case Study & Analysis;
  • Action Commitments.

Who Should Attend
  1. Anyone who is preparing to transition to a Senior Manager role.
  2. Seasoned managers who want to understand Leadership concepts
  3. Senior managers mentoring new managers and looking for ways to transfer essential skills.

Amar, I personally think you are one of the most skilled managers I’ve worked with, as you always impressed me for being able to see management from both sides – Company & Employee. You should be a trainer to many of the managers in my company.
Igal Abir,
Senior Technical Consultant, Melbourne
Amar, Thanks for all your assistance, help & coaching, especially your great lesson about maturity leadership, hope that we will meet again in the future. Best Regards,
Gatut Dwinanto,
Analyst Business Systems, Indonesia
Hi Amar, Thank you for taking good care of me, good suggestions and guidance over the past year. I really appreciated that.
Kritsada Pichayakan,
Analyst, Business System, Thailand
Dear Amar, I just want to thank you for being in the right place at the right time (for me). It is thanks to your guidance and mentoring, the period of role change I experienced became less daunting and was overcome by a smooth transition phase. I remember the amount of upheaval it caused in my day to day dealings. I am sure I would have had both my feet in my mouth and maybe even turned into a tyrant if it had not been for those training sessions. Thank you!!
Gauri Timble,
Senior Systems Analyst, AT&T Billing Team
Dear Amar, I remember your guidance and mentorship during the difficult days in my career. Your advice helped me to change myself and the result is visible to entire world through my promotion. This is not the end, I still need your guidance wherever you are. I will be in touch with through Linked-In or yahoo.
Surya S. Rayabharam
Senior Systems Analyst, Cable Billing team

About the Programme Provider
Amar N. Hari has 24 years work experience in medium and large multinational enterprises including running a services business and playing a People Manager role specializing in Human Resources Talent and Performance Management in a billion dollar enterprise. His assignments have taken him to multiple geographies in Asia Pacific.

Amar’s passion for human resource development saw him take up Learning and Coaching engagements in all the roles he played. He has conducted Learning programs all along his working life for internal and external customers and has consistently received high feedback scores. Amar’s methodology does not restrict itself to academic content, instead, skillfully weaves academic material with business context so that participants find meaningful and relevant take-away.

Amar has conceptualized and implemented learning and Coaching programs such as Technical Coaching & Mentoring Program, Communication skills Program for graduate-trainees and Transition To Management for Aspiring and Young Managers.

Amar uses the Winning Edge Concept to help people leverage high performance for themselves and their teams. A continual learner, Amar is pursuing an advanced course in Human Resource Management online with an Ivy League university.

Amar has embarked on a mission of reaching out to all those companies which consider their People As Assets and have a keen desire to develop them, and in turn their businesses.

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