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Programme Details
Date: 26 Aug 2012
Time: 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039593, Hall 403 & 404, Conference Room 4
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Programme Synopsis

We have carefully selected only the best speakers, renowned in their respective fields, to reveal their secrets, techniques, and experiences, gleaned from years of training people in the corporate world.

The best part? These seminars are brought to you, the discerning jobseeker, at a very low and affordable price and we offer these 3 seminars, for those who are keen to skyrocket their careers to the stratosphere.

Effectual Thinking for the Workplace

11.00am - 1.00pm
Conference Room 4

Mr Chow Wen Hing
Associate Trainer
BeyondWords Training Pte Ltd

Seminar Outline
This seminar is designed for Business Executives who have joined the work force for a few years. It will give an overview of the role of effectual thinking in a modern day work environment, highlighting common problems arising from errors in decision making, inappropriate ascribing of cause and effect, and making seat-of-the-pants judgment calls. It will introduce tools to help participants overcome careless, impulsive and faulty thinking tendencies, and help bridge ‘casual thinking’ with ‘deliberated thinking’ to improve and harness the power of our thought processes.

Effective Mind-Mapping Strategies for Business Management

1.45pm - 3.45pm
Conference Room 4

Mr Thum Cheng Cheong
Executive Director, Master Trainer
Brain Capital Group Pte Ltd

Seminar Outline
  • Mind Maps was invented in the 1960s by Tony Buzan. Mind Mapping was used primarily for note-taking and memory in its early stages of development. Soon, the development of the Mind Mapping process was accelerated and applied to note-making and creative thinking.
  • Mind Mapping has since revolutionised the way people around the world run their business on a day-to-day basis allowing them to think about a situation from every angle in a way that is concise and saves precious time.
  • In general, Mind Maps facilitate core business skills, such as:
    • analysis,
    • planning,
    • organising ideas,
    • creativity,
    • memory,
    • communication, etc.

Interviewing and Selecting Job Applicants : A must-have skill for any New Manager

4.30pm - 6.30pm
Conference Room 4

Mr Ong Teong Wan
Training Partner
BeyondWords Training Pte Ltd

Seminar Outline
Experienced interviewers often use impressionistic evaluations of candidates after they have been short-listed for interviews. However, for interviews by more than one person (a selection panel) there is need for guidelines and processes to ensure the consistency of selection criteria with which to evaluate applicants for job fit in a vacancy. Inexperienced interviewers from line management may need a job aid and be trained to elicit information from applicants for job fit.

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