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'Learn The 6 Steps To Building A Referral-Based Business' workshop at $97 ONLY!

Pay: $97.00
Value Discount Save
$442.00 78.1% $345
Programme Details
Date: 23 Aug 2012
Time: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Venue: 38C North Canal Road Singapore 059294
Call 6778-5288 for more information.
Programme Synopsis
Referrals in business are great primarily because of 3 factors:
  • Little to no money spent on advertising
  • Credibility
  • High-quality leads

However, referral marketing is an oft-untouched subject and something usually left to chance and hope. Learn how to capitalise on the power of referral marketing in today’s Learning Deal. In this full-day seminar, you will:
  • Learn what referral marketing is and how to make it work for you
  • Understand why your current clients might not be referring business to you and how you can start generating referrals from them today
  • Know what a step-by-step referral marketing system looks like
  • Learn how to get the highest-quality referrals
  • Learn how to convert referrals into clients
  • The 6 steps to the optimum business owner referral marketing blueprint
And much more!

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur and always wanted to capitalise on the power of referral marketing but didn’t because:
  • You were afraid of sounding desperate to your clients (After all, shouldn’t happy clients refer business?)
  • Many of the referrals you received weren’t qualified or wouldn’t make good clients
  • You weren’t sure how to motivate your clients to send referrals
Then this seminar is for you!
Normally going for S$442 this referral marketing programme is going for S$97, 78% off its usual price. Learn how to elevate your business to the next level. Register now!

About the Programme Provider

Raymond Lim is an inspirational Speaker and Coach who has more than 20 years experience in business skills ranging from sales and marketing to business consulting. Raymond, has training experience in United States,Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. He has successfully trained over 1000 sales people

Raymond’s compelling desire to add value to people’s lives prompted him to establish TLC Training & Consultancy. Incorporating the fundamental principals of the 4S to acheive 4R, Raymond has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs to be proactive in creating results while adding value to customers and organisations.

As a Business Consultant and coach, Raymond offers expert knowledge and guidance to companies to create an effective business models that work. These include successfully improving their cash flows and profitability, setting up an efficient risk management system and creating successful marketing strategies. These are done by unlocking the internal values of the individual and organisation.

Raymond who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Business Administration is married with four children.

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