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Designing a Good Website in 3 Days. Now $588.50 (Usual: $1,070)

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Programme Details
Redemption Period: 26 Jul 2012 - 25 Sep 2012
Venue: 61 Upp Paya Lebar Rd, #04-02, Tat Wan Bldg, Tai Seng, Singapore - 534816
Programme Highlights/Terms
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  • Multiple vouchers may be purchased
  • Voucher is valid within 2 months of date purchase
  • Voucher cannot be used with other promotions / discounts
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Programme Synopsis
Good Web design uses the same basic principles as print design. You need to look at the content, explore the space and layout, decide on the right fonts and colours, and put it all together in a format that best puts your message across. On top of that, you also get to play with online elements like graphics, web navigation, and user accessibility.
As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – and that’s especially true in Web design. A good Web designer knows that a good website has to be not only eye-catching, but also effective. A good website will attract attention, drive traffic, and (especially for corporate designers) bring sales enquiries and create a strong brand for your business. 
Are you keen to market your business online? Have you always wanted to start your own website? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Sign up now for the Designing a Good Website course taught by Kore Infotech! For almost half the price at $588.50, you will embark on a 3-day design extravaganza and master the design tools of HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Javascript. You will also pick up valuable tips on layout design and get to publish your own website on a domain name, absolutely free.
That’s right, geeky fun has never been so cool. So it’s time to get your creative juices flowing with some good ol’ web design. Register now!  
Course Overview
  1. Course presentation – Giving overall strategies
  1. Why HTML
  2. HTML Structure
  3. Important Tags

  1. HTML Headings
  2. HTML Paragraphs
  3. HTML Links
  4. HTML Images
  5. HTML Tables
  6. HTML Scripts
  7. HTML Tags
  8. HTML Font
  9. HTML Media
  1. Overview – Why Photoshop
  2. Menu/Panels(Selected)
  3. Tool Bar
    1. Selection
3.3.1 Gradient 3.3.1 Pen tool 3.3.1 Rectangle
3.3.1 Color Palletaskari363
  1. Text
  1. Layers (Selected)
  2. Photo/Image Manipulation/Retouching
  3. Filters
  4. Saving formats
  5. Examples
    1. Create Button
    2. Banner
    3. Mock for Website
  6. Advanced Concepts
  1. Creating New Dreamweaver Site
  2. Page layout
  3. Table in Detail
  4. Text formatting
  5. Importing Images
  6. Adding More pages
  7. Navigation – Linking Pages
  8. Adding Menu – Javascript
  9. Why CSS
  10. Form (Basics)
  11. Website SEO
  1. Publishing
  1. Using JavaScript Code Intelligently
  2. Multilevel Menu
  3. Photo Gallery Slide Show
  4. Text Animation
  1. Top Bottom Approach
  2. Two Column Approach
  3. Three Column Approach
  1. Five Pages Complete Website Designing in Classroom
  2. Publishing
8.1 Online Resource Tips

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Kore Infotech Kore Infotech Pte Ltd was established in 2004 with a vision to be a flexible organization providing speedy, efficient and cost effective services to our clients.

We offer IT Services like IT Training and Manpower placement.

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