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Programme Details
Date: 19 Sep 2012
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: 1 North Bridge Road, #06-01 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
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Programme Synopsis
For those who want to enter the lucrative market of online copywriting and are not tech savvy, this may be your lucky chance.
Lusi Group is now offering an accelerated training course for aspiring Copywriters, dedicated to people just like you! Learn how to write info for your company so that your products and services will sell – or at least, generate increased response. If you want to make a living selling your products and services like hot cakes, this course is perfect for you!
So what exactly will you learn? You will learn about Direct Response Copywriting, the kind of advertising that makes people open their cheque books and want to buy. You will learn how to become a skilled copywriter – someone that every marketing or tech company will want on their team.
You will also learn successful copywriters’ secrets and be given immediate feedback on how to improve your copywriting skills within a short period of time!
Here are some highlights you shouldn’t miss:
  • How to rake in revenue for your company and up your market value
  • The 3 fundamentals of selling: on paper and on screen
  • Know where to go to get the facts and info fast
  • Ingredients for a successful sales letter
  • 37 copywriting emotions you can ignite your customers with
  • Using benefits to connect your customers’ emotions with your product/service
  • The 3-step Buying strategy that makes customers open their wallets
  • Making and closing the deal
  • Testimonials and endorsement: how to boost your credibility
This course is especially recommended if you are:
  • A newbie web copywriter who wants increased response
  • New marketing person writing company web info and brochures
  • From a newly set-up company that needs guidelines on web and brochure writing
  • A new copywriter for newsletters
  • A corporate trainer who wants to write training programmes that sell
To be a great copywriter, all you have to do is enjoy writing. Understand the simple rules that go into crafting strong copies. The number one rule is to Be Yourself! In other words, don’t try to be a writer, don’t use big words or flowery sentences or fancy language to impress anyone, and avoid clichés at all costs.
The most successful sales letters are written in a conversational tone. In fact, this is one of the secrets you’ll learn in this course – if you read something you’ve written out loud and it sounds like something you’d say to a friend sitting next to you, it’ll work as sales letter copy! This is also known as the “barstool test”.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get started on successful copywriting today!

About the Programme Provider

Adrian Tien’s forte is in working with sales professional to shorten their learning curve – and reduce their sales cycle time – leading to increased prospecting activities, sales revenue generation, higher sales volume per client, and repeated business.

Adrian also equips business executives, in crafting the sales and marketing message to generate sales for new product launches and enable new managers to fill their new position with a shorter learning curve.

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