Oaks Training

Oaks Training originated from GIL Consultancy Pte Ltd with a history that started in 1999. We have since built (and still growing) a clientele of more than 700 companies including government ministries and agencies with a good number of customers coming back to us for further training. This does not include individuals and students.

Oaks Training operates as a closely knitted family with a team that is passionate in sharing knowledge and has a love for teaching. Our team's experience in training began as early as1990.

Oaks Training considers everyone (admin staff, trainers, management) who works in the company as a family member. Our philosophy is "Everyone is indispensable". Everyone plays a crucial part in the success of the company and for the benefit of our customers.

We have a family strength of:
• 10 IT Trainers
• 4 Corporate Trainers
• 2 Staff

Our family of Trainers comprise of industry experts, ACTA certified and Microsoft certified professionals, and the common individual who exhibits efficiency and practicality in application. We believe in equal opportunity and fair play. All our Trainers are locals with a proven track record.

We believe in the layman and that everyone is capable of learning new things. We are committed to bringing the best learning experience to our customers, the learners. We hold regular meetings to ensure learners are constantly receiving better courses by investing in:
• Trainers - regular sharing session to keep each other up-to-date in training developments.
• Materials - regular reviews of our materials and making necessary updates.
• Learner's Needs - regular reviews on difficulties faced by learners and questions raised in class.

Did you know that learning is most effective when the environment is relaxed and happy? Wow, it's amazing how much more the learner is capable of in such an environment. Yes, you guessed it, the Oaks Training premise and family strive to offer such an environment.

We believe that every adult learner is capable of achieving appropriate results without the need for exams. Within the context of what we teach, a certified certificate, though it has its importance, does not mean proficiency. We believe in what the individual can do and not what a piece of paper says.

Our own brand of specially designed syllabus is targeted at understanding concepts and the grounding of foundation to maximise comprehension, appropriate and adequate use to apply in most general real world context. It isn't about how much is being taught (more often doesn't mean better) but rather what and how it is being taught. Each course is meticulously formulated by a team of experienced family Trainers to ensure the highest quality in syllabus and learning.

With Oaks Training you can be sure of consistent quality in all our Trainers.