WSQ Respond to Service Challenges

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Course introduction

This module covers the skills and knowledge required for a service professional to respond effectively in challenging service situations. Service professionals are encouraged to demonstrate positive verbal and non-verbal communication skills during interaction with customers and when identifying issues leading to the service challenges. Organisational service recovery and escalation procedures in response to service challenges are also shared and practiced.

Course Outline

1. Organisation’s Procedures for Responding to Service Challenges

In this segment, learners will gain awareness of organisational guidelines and standards. They will be introduced to possible service lapses and ways to escalate these issues in accordance with their organisation’s guidelines. Steps in service recovery procedures are shared and practiced in an anchoring activity.

2. Issues that Trigger Service Challenges

In this segment, learners will discover possible triggers and hot buttons that lead to service challenges. They will learn to remain ‘C.A.L.M.’ and professional in handling the negative emotions during these service situations.

3. Responding to Service Challenges Professionally

Verbal and non-verbal communication skills in handling emotional customers are shared and practiced in this segment. Learners will gain knowledge in showing ‘C.A.R.E.’ while they respond to the service situations professionally.

Trainer Profile

CIPD Certified Consultant

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