Talent Acquisition, Management and Succession Planning


Course introduction

The war for talent is often cited as one of the biggest organisational challenge for both HR professional and business leaders. Attracting the right people into our organisation is a more complicated process than we give it credit for, and it gets even more complex with the advent of social networks and the free flow of information from the internet. Keeping talented employees is another key challenge for organizations. While we often take for granted the presence of our employees, external parties and competitors seem to have a special talent in identifying our top performers, and before we know it, what used to be our top talents are now working in another company. A CEO of a top consulting company once said, "My company's greatest asset checks out of the office everyday at 5:30pm, and my challenge is to make sure they come back the next day!". As the adage goes, we better learn to treat our talents well, or else other companies will! These challenges become even more painful when the company is growing or is planning to get into new markets, only to discover that succession plans are not aligned to organisation needs. The practices of rich tech companies like Google in providing free-flow of fine foods and home comfort in the office makes for fun reading but does not translate into much help for our company.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Have a deep understanding of complexities and challenges in the talent management cycle, namely

  • The complete Talent Acquisition process cycle
  • Talent Development frameworks and practices
  • Aligning Talent Acquisition and Talent Development practices to support company business strategies
Developing Talent Management & Succession Planning solutions that are relevant to and aligned with business strategies
  • Understanding aspects of the business relevant to Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Translating business needs into a talent management and succession planning requirements
  • Developing a Talent Management & Succession Planning Strategy
Understanding Industry Practices
  • What is being done by companies in the areas of talent management and succession planning
  • Why Talent Management and Succession Planning initiatives fail
Skills in successful Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Business Acumen
  • Related Functional Skills and Competencies

Target Audience

Human Resource Managers and Executives, All levels of management, Executives and Team Leaders.

Course Outline

Understand Talent Management

  • Elements of the Talent Management Process
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Challenges and complexities in each element of the process
  • Why Talent Management initiatives fail
Understanding Organisation Needs
  • Who is the customer of Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Understanding needs of the organisation
  • What are the challenges facing the organisation
  • What exactly do the organisation need
  • Why is it important to them
  • What can we do for the organisation
  • Developing Talent Management & Succession Planning solutions and strategies
Understand Industry Best Practices
  • What do others do in:
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Learning from what others do
Skills and competencies for successful talent management and succession planning
  • What is stakeholder management
  • Tools, techniques and processes in stakeholder management
  • What is business acumen
  • Techniques for developing business acumen in your company
What are the functional skills needed to be successful in Talent Management & Succession Planning

Developing the skills and competencies to be a successful practitioner in Talent Management & Succession Planning


A practical approach will be taken with 70% of the course on application and practical sessions with 30% on techniques and concepts. Training comprises a combination of:
  • Visually stimulating sessions for bite sized learning
  • Group activities and break up discussions
  • Case studies, case scenarios and role plays for application
  • Practical worksheets

  • S$1,337.50* (including GST)
* Members enjoy a 15% discount before GST
* Group Discount (3 or more participants) - 10%

SDF Grant
  • Pre-approved SDF Funding of S$28.00 for All Companies
  • SDF Course Code: CRS-N-0030767
SkillsFuture Credit
  • Pre-approved SkillsFuture funding of S$500.00

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