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About Raffles College of Higher Education
Raffles College of Higher Education ("RCHE") is a subsidiary of Raffles Education Corporation ("RafflesEducationCorp"), the leading education group in the Asia Pacific region. We currently operate five education brand names: Raffles Design Institute, Raffles Merchandising Institute, Raffles School of Business, Raffles School of Psychology and Raffles Academy of Continuing Education ("RACE"). We have a network of 30 colleges in 29 cities across 12 countries in Asia Pacific: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Raffles Design Institute
Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) was established in 1990 as an educational institution dedicated to the professional design disciplines of Fashion, Interior Design, Interactive Media (Multimedia Design, Animation and Games Design), 3D (Product Design and Jewellery Design), and Visual Communication (Graphic Design).

Raffles Merchandising Institute
Raffles Merchandising Institute (Singapore) (formerly known as Raffles Merchandising School) was established in November 2006 as an educational institution dedicated to the professional disciplines of Fashion Marketing and Management, Retail Management, and Fashion Communication and Journalism.

Raffles School of Business
Raffles School of Business (formerly known as Raffles Education Corp College) was established in 1999. It is one of the leading business institutes in Singapore, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operation, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Raffles School of Psychology
Raffles School of Psychology was established in 2014 as an educational institution offering undergraduate courses in Applied Psychology and Psychology. In partnership with the University of Chester, United Kingdom, our Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Psychology is designed to offer a modern approach to the wide range of psychology issues, with a special focus on helping the communities and to learn the collective ways in which Psychology is applied in all areas of life.

Raffles Academy of Continuing Education (“RACE”)
RACE was established in December 2011 to provide quality continual learning to adult learners who aspire to upgrade their existing skills and expand their knowledge horizon. Classes, conducted by subject-matter-experts, are complete with practical sessions to enhance the learning experience at the Academy.

All RCHE programmes follow modern, international curriculums of the highest standard designed to nurture creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Its unique emphasis on both academic theory and practical experience, coupled with state-of-the-art technology applications and opportunities to work with industry professionals, ensures that all RCHE graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that are demanded by employers worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier education Group

Our Mission

We are committed to provide quality education through our network of institutions in the Asia Pacific region to develop industry-relevant skilled professionals.

Our Philosophy

As a premier education provider we are committed to nurture creative talents, business leaders, and entrepreneurs for the design, business, hospitality, health sciences and technology industries.

We provide a high-quality education that supports the economic growth of countries we operate in.

We strive to give every student a fundamental education based on: the development of superior thinking processes, the mastery of written and spoken language as a tool of communication and thought, the acquisition of thorough and effective work methods based on analysis and judgment, a consciousness of the historic dimension of human ideas and activity and the capacity to assume responsibility for his or her own personal development.

Though our primary goal is the transfer of knowledge and technical know-how, we also strive to provide a well-balanced practical education that will make the learning process an enriching life experience, contributing to the student's personal growth and the development of social skills.

Our Values and Culture

We provide a learning environment that leads to successful careers through educational experiences that promote:

  • Social responsibility
  • Professional excellence for employability
  • Analytical thinking for problem solving
  • Creativity to encourage innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

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