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Professional Business Writing: Write clearly, concisely and positively for Business Success

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Programme Details
Date: 25 Aug 2012
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039593, Hall 403 & 404, Conference Room 3
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Programme Synopsis
Seminar Outline

In today's workplace, with email being the main currency of communication, writing in a concise, clear and positive manner is becoming an increasingly important skill which every working professional needs to possess.

In emails, your intentions can be easily misconstrued by the receiver through the wrong choice of words or the wrong tone. Furthermore, the first impression that the public gets about your organisation is also through your written material and if these documents are unclear, outdated or contain multiple grammatical errors, the organisation's image can be negatively affected. So, it is imperative that your business writing be as clean and as error-free as possible.

This seminar gives you some quick tips to start improving your business writing.

Aims & Objectives

This seminar introduces to you a writing style that is up-to-date, clear, reader-friendly and relationship-building.

You will know the common outdated and mindless phrases to avoid, and learn how to replace these with modern business writing. You will also understand the effect of words and phrases on the tone in your message.

On top of that, this workshop shows you how to structure sentences correctly and avoid common grammatical errors in business writing.

Learning Points
  • Write in a way that encourages a positive response from the reader.
  • Know the importance of style and tone in business messages.
  • Write to build and maintain a good and positive relationship with the reader.
  • Structure sentences correctly, concisely, and clearly.

Who should attend this seminar

  • Undergraduates or graduates who want to understand the nuances of business writing
  • Working professionals who want to polish their business language so as to be better understood

About the Programme Provider

Jolynn Chow has over 25 years of operational experience in areas like banking and finance, publication and distribution, import and marketing of packaging products, as well as training and education.

She has designed and delivered programmes on minute writing, report writing, business and technical writing, phonetics and spoken English, presentation skills, and customer service skills.

Jolynn holds a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development (MAHRD) awarded by the George Washington University, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBBA) majoring in Marketing awarded by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics awarded by the RELC.

Jolynn also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) awarded by Cambridge University.

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