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Venue: Orchard Hotel, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879 (Nearest MRT : Orchard)
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18 January 2017, Wednesday
6.30pm - 9pm
Boyd Au built a multi-million dollars public-listed company from scratch and now wants to to leave a legacy of coaching others to become successful entrepreneurs.

In this seminar, Boyd will reveal how you can be coached for entrepreneurship success even if you have not started a business before.
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Programme Synopsis
How To Shorten Your Path To Success...
If you think hard work alone will help you achieve business success, you may want to think again. Yes, hard work is an important ingredient to success but if you are working hard on the wrong things, it will take you longer to achieve success or some of you may even give up entrepreneurship without even tasting success.

I have learnt this the hard way myself!
In my 30 years of business experiences, I have faced many challenges, many problems in business. I have made many mistakes. But it is from learning from advisors, specialists and experts that I managed to solve problems faster and avoided wasting time on the wrong things. 

Likewise if you want to shorten your path to success in business, you will do well to have a mentor or an advisor to guide you along. But find someone who has the actual experience of building a successful business. Someone who will appreciate and understand the challenges that you face in business and give you practical advice.
From Zero To S$80 Million Dollars…
But first, let me share a bit about myself and though I do not claim to be the best, I share from my heart.

My name is Boyd Au. Back in the 1980’s I started a company in the electronics industry. Before long my business was successful and among my clients were major companies such as Hewlett Packard, Creative Technology, Seagate and even Apple.

Then in 2001 I brought my company public-listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. My products were sold in more than 30 countries around the world and my brand won the Superbrands Award 3 years consecutively from 2004 to 2006. This may not sound like much to some of you but believe me; to manage a business like this was no trivial feat!
Then in 2006, the company achieved sales revenue of close to S$80million. In 2007, I decided to retire and sold off my entire stake in the company.

These days, you can say I am comfortably retired, enjoying the fruits of my labour. I have enough financial resources to do nothing and yet live a comfortable life many times over. But being an entrepreneur, there is no way I can get by doing nothing. I will be extremely bored!
Besides, I have a calling...
“My Mission Is To Help

Entrepreneurs Be Successful

Through My Training,

Coaching And Mentoring”
My calling these days is to share my experiences, to teach my business knowledge and to impart my entrepreneurship wisdom to others in order to help them succeed.

But wait! I am not a superhuman! I cannot be helping every aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners that come into my path.

I have to be selective to be productive. I have to reserve my time for those who want it most. I want to groom those who are committed.


“Key Steps To A Successful Business”
Therefore I will be conducting seminars to share with you about my Genesis Entrepreneurship Training programme and how it can help you to become a Successful Entrepreneur. Also, I would like to use that opportunity to get to know you better.

I will also be very upfront with you as well. You have to invest in yourself. This is not for everyone.

If you are one of those who do not want to be an entrepreneur, you will not need to come.

If you think this is a 'get-rich-quick' scheme or to solve your financial problems, please do not come. This is nothing of that sort.

Attend this seminar if you...

 have the hunger to succeed
 have a strong desire to become a Successful Entrepreneur,
 have not started any business but want to know how to start a business on the right track,
 are currently a business owner looking for new ideas and strategies to grow your business
 willing to be trained, be coached and mentored for success

Now, if any of those stated above represents you, I invite you to attend one of my preview seminars. IT is free and you will learn something about business that you will not find in books.

But if you want to tap on EVERYTHING I know about business, just remember this; when such an opportunity arises, GRAB IT. And grab it FAST! Think about it, such an opportunity may never come again.

To attend one of these seminars, please check this website for the next date when it is available and register for it. We do not do many of such seminars and seats are limited.

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About the Programme Provider

Boyd Au grew up in the Salvation Army and yet made it as a successful entrepreneur. He started his business from scratch and grew it into a public-listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange. His products were sold globally in 33 countries and his brand won the Superbrands award 3 years consecutively. In 2006, his company achieved sales of S$80million.

In 2007, he sold off his entire stake in that business and is now dedicating his time into investing in new businesses as well as to groom others to be successful entrepreneurs.

His vision now is to “Transform Lives Through Entrepreneurship” and his mission is “To Help Entrepreneurs Be Successful Through Training, Coaching and Mentoring

To read more about Boyd, you can grab a copy of his No.1 Bestselling book in Singapore, “I Don’t Want To Be Poor – The Boyd Au Success Story” at most major bookstores.

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