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Applied NLP in Management

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Programme Details
Date: 25 Aug 2012
Time: 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention And Exhibition Centre, 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039593, Hall 403 & 404, Conference Room 4
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Programme Synopsis

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is an innovative approach to understanding and appreciating the human mind and how it responds to different sets of communication and behaviour. The power of the unconscious mind, operating from a psychology and physiology of excellence, and overcoming limiting decisions are some of the benefits of NLP and has helped millions globally to attain success in life.

NLP is known to have helped many people achieve breakthroughs in their performance, relationships, education, coaching, business, therapy and in themselves.

How does NLP work?

By using the power of suggestion and tapping on the different emotions that different words convey, the mind can create new pathways that will help you achieve the things that you’ve been wanting to do but stopped due to existing mental blocks.

If you have ever considered learning NLP, but been putting off the decision that would impact the rest of your life, the time is now. NLP cannot be learnt purely from books. Just like driving a car or learning to swim, you need hands-on learning, from skilled trainers. Now, you can learn key NLP techniques which will provide you with the power to change your life. Charismatic speakers like former President Bill Clinton, Success Coach Anthony Robbins, and TV show host Oprah Winfrey use NLP to help them reach the pinnacles of their respective fields.

In this short session, NLP Master Trainer, Dr Billy Kueek will share a preview of the power of NLP. Specifically, Billy will highlight NLP tools that are applicable in people management situation.

Learn how you can create instant rapport with others, use linguistics to assert positive influences, how to read people accurately and how your belief can influence your results in life.

Aims & Objectives

Get a sneak preview of the wide repertoire of techniques and strategies in NLP and how you can utilise these techniques to achieve success is your professional and personal life. Learn actual techniques in dealing with people effectively.

Learning Points
  • Learn NLP Presuppositions to deal with others more effectively
  • Discover your thinking preferences
  • Learn the 4-Step Rapport Strategies
  • Understand structures of language patterns
  • Gain information on how NLP can contribute to your success

Program outline:

  • Introducing NLP
  • NLP People Principles
  • NLP Rapport Strategies
  • Predicates, Eye Patterns & Characteristics
  • 5 Success Strategies

About the Programme Provider

Transforming People, Inspiring Lives is the maxim that drives NLP Master Trainer and international motivational speaker, Dr Billy Kueek, on his continuing quest to empower you so that you too can empower others. With over 15 years in the industry, Billy has inspired and taught hundreds of thousands in over 45 countries in varied industries to reach their potential and live their dreams.

When delivering his wide repertoire of topics that includes Sales & Negotiation, Leadership and Motivation, Influencing and Presenting, Creative Thinking, NLP and many others, Billy’s approach and genuine passion is evident and empowering. His client list includes world-class organizations, MNCs and Fortune 500 companies. Whether he is speaking to an audience of ten or thousands, Billy will engage, educate and entertain.

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