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Date: 25 Aug 2012
Time: 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Venue: Blk 231, Bain Street, #04-41, Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
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Programme Synopsis
Objectives of Course

To understand the importance of mentoring and coaching who desires excellence and working towards becoming all that he / she can be.  To know the tangible and intangible benefits of engaging in the activity and know the wonderful results that would be derived from such an endeavor.

Does Tiger Woods have a mentor?  Pete Sampras?  Agassi?  Mohammad Ali?  Or anyone who had accomplished much?  The answer is the same.  Yes!  It could be a parent, a friend, a coach… all of which acts as a guide in the life of the person, helping him / her achieve their potential. This mentor is a trusted guide. He has the highest hopes for his mentees, to help them realize their potential in that which they are called to. Without such a person in their lives, their achievements could be undermined. Live your one life effectively by realizing your potential, through the help of someone who will care for your ultimate ability!
What really is mentoring?  Why be mentored?  How really does it benefit me?  What major difference can it do for me?  Can’t I do it on my own?  Why not learn on my own?  Is it easy to find that someone who would really help me?  Can I be helped?  What can I achieve?  What is my true potential?


“Thank you for spending your time with us today.  Your presence has definitely created a positive and compelling impact on my guys.  I wish to collaborate with you in the near future to achieve success hand in hand.”
SPKelvin & Associates, AIA
"Leonard goes to the core of why a winner consistently remains a winner and he shows us how we can have the winning mindset to achieve super production. His programmes are comprehensive and those who go through the whole programme will have the potential to achieve the results that they have always dreamed about. Leonard has the passion, compassion and strategy to systematically help an average producer achieve super success. The seminar reinforces and strenghtens my beliefs on the areas I need to consistently take actions to produce the super results I have wanted." 
Yeo Wee Khin, MDRT 4 times, IPP Financial Services 

“It’s through Leonard’s constructive feedback and ideas that spurs the agent’s appetite to attain his / her goal by going for that extra mile.” 
Annie Tan, Million Dollar Round Table

"Since the first time I met Leonard, I have come to know him as a person who has a passion to develop and train people; helping them attain their potential.  To do well in our business of selling and financial counseling; having product and technical knowledge would not be sufficient for achieving all that we can.  We need someone who can help release our hidden talents and potential in order to breakthrough in our careers and our lives.  This is so important for someone who wants to maximise his or her own potential.  Leonard is truly sincere in helping others.  He will be an excellent mentor and trainer for those who would give him the opportunity to work together."
Yona Foo, Court of the Table Million Dollar Round Table, Manulife Financial

About the Programme Provider
Mentoring @Legacy Training
Founded in 2000, LEGACY TRAINING & CONSULTANCY specialises in helping people attain Excellence, Purpose and Peak Performance in their work & life, to become all they can be through Mentoring and Coaching.
Why Mentoring & Coaching?
Because training is just an event. Mentoring and Coaching is for Change and Transformation. Be trained in the area of your strengths. Be coached in the area of your weaknesses..
“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Discover "HOW TO" @ Legacy:
Live Powerfully!
Live Confidently!
Succeed in Sales!
Get Answers to your Life's Problems!
Take Concrete Actions to eradicate Issues troubling you!
Perform at your Peak!
Live Purposefully!
Be in Control of your Mind & Emotion!
Teach with Passion!
Guide with Wisdom!
Discipline with Love!
Know your next best course of Action!
Lead with Inspiration!
Model with Integrity!
Mentor with Insights!
Stay Empowered!
Realise Your Potential!
About the Founder, Mentor Coach & Speaker
Leonard Lau has devised his training and mentoring program solely because of his passion and belief to help people ‘Be All They Can Be!’ Founded in 2000, LEGACY attempts to deal with both the tangible and intangible issues affecting a person / producer. Leonard knows that apart from learning the tangible aspects of our job, we must become aware of areas in our lives holding us back which are normally unseen. Unless these areas are ‘rectified’, we would still be living and performing below our real potential.

Whether you are a Sales Adviser, Educator, Student, Parent, Corporate Executive, Leader,.. or any Individual desiring Growth & Personal Breakthrough.. to achieve your Important Goals.. we have something for YOU! Leonard was featured twice on 93.8Live and has spoken to groups & individuals desiring personal development and fulfillment in their lives. As a Mentor & Coach, Leonard’s ability to motivate, inspire and to lead can only be matched by his sincerity and integrity to truly help someone. Leonard helps people "Be All They Can Be!"

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