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Redemption Period: 22 Aug 2012
Venue: 10 Jalan Besar, Sim Lim Tower #15 Focus Conference Room, Singapore 208787
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  • To RSVP, call the number indicated on the voucher and quote name, phone number and voucher number.
  • Please ignore the redemption period above and choose from one of the following dates available to attend the Seminar:
  • 18th August 2012, Saturday (1.30pm to 5.30pm)
  • 1st September 2012, Saturday (1.30pm to 5.30pm)
Call 6778-5288 for more information.
Programme Synopsis
At the tender age of 4, Ezra Koh could already read and multiply like a 10-year-old.
Today, he is all of 9 years old, but he has already sat for and bagged an ‘A’ in the Cambridge IGCSE math exam (equivalent of GCE O-levels), well before the recommended ages of 14 to 16.
Child genius? Not exactly. Ezra studies hard under the close watch of his parents. What’s more, he plays just as hard, and counts among his hobbies swimming, table tennis, and playing the piano.
His parents both firmly believe: “Every child can be gifted; parents just need to know how to positively influence the child’s learning environment.
The Power of True Learning
Feeling inspired by Ezra’s story? Your child can achieve the same success too. Arthur Koh, father of Ezra and 2 other equally talented children, is going to share his secrets to parenting at this 4-hour workshop!
Arthur’s vision is to inspire more parents to be proactive and positive in their parenting approach. He believes that academia is not everything in life, and that children should also be developed in other important areas such as character and financial intelligence.
At the same time, he is also aware that many families are suffering from the high costs of living and do not have sufficient money to retire or even fulfill the dreams of their children.
That’s why he’s keen to share his own experiences with fellow parents and show them how to achieve more with less stress.
Arthur is today a self-made millionaire with a multi-million property portfolio. Apart from sharing his strategies for effective child learning, he is also going to show you how an average Singaporean can also invest in real estate with very little money and achieve financial freedom like him!
Sign up for Arthur’s workshop to learn:
  • One of the best ways to motivate your child (of all ages) to learn
  • Why children are not born smart: it’s what parents do with them
  • The most effective way to teach your child to read at a young age
  • Important things you should focus on for your child
  • How to give your child a head-start in financial intelligence
  • How you can become a millionaire even if you come from a humble background
  • Whether you have enough money to retire or fulfill your dreams for you and your family
  • How it is possible to be financially free in less than 10 years
It is entirely possible to be successful like Arthur in both the areas of parenting and finance. So sign up now for a fulfilling, engaging and life-changing experience!

Exclusive! Receive a $15 CapitaMall Voucher when you attend this workshop!

About the Programme Provider
Arthur Koh is the father of 3 children. As a result of their special approach to parenting, and by the grace of God, Arthur and his wife Priscilla have successfully raised all their children to be high achievers from a young age. His eldest son Ezra, before the age of 9, scored an ‘A’ in the 2011 Cambridge IGCSE Math exam (O Level equivalent) commonly meant for ages 14 to 16, making him 6 to 8 years ahead.

Arthur’s vision is to inspire more parents to be pro-active and positive in their parenting approach. He sympathises with children of our society living in a pressure-cooker, and desires to share how parents can help their children achieve more with less stress. Whether their children are studying in public schools or home-schools, his strategies will be applicable for parents of both groups. Despite his sons being academically strong, Arthur believes that academics is NOT everything to life, and that a child should also be developed in other important areas such as character, and financial intelligence.

Helping the average Singaporean be financially intelligent is also part of Arthur’s vision. He understands that many families do not have much savings due to high expenses. Many will not have enough money to retire, not to mention retire early, or being able to fulfill their dreams or the dreams of their loved ones.

Without inheriting any wealth and starting with almost no money when they got married, Arthur and Priscilla used special strategies that have enabled them to purchase many properties over the years. They are now a millionaire couple with a multi-million property portfolio. Having been in the same position as parents in the low/middle income group, Arthur wants to show how an average Singaporean like him can also invest in real estate with very little money. By sharing these practical and useful investing strategies with parents, important concepts of money management and investment can then be imparted from parents to their children.

To find out how it is possible to be successful like Arthur in BOTH the areas of parenting and finance, contact him for the next available workshop!  As a trained public speaker, Arthur is dedicated to enriching participants through his engaging and interesting workshops, so sign up NOW for a great time of fun and learning!

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