Diploma in Engineering (Marine & Offshore Technology)

Conducted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic - CET Academy
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The Diploma in Engineering (Marine & Offshore Technology) will replace the Diploma in Technology (Marine & Offshore). The course can be completed in 2.5 years on a part-time basis.

Note: This proposed course is pending approval, and subject to further changes. More details will be released in early 2012.


Under a revised Framework, the new diploma aims to provide greater accessibility for working adults through:
- Reduced course duration
- Modular qualification structure
- Increased mobility between academic and competency-based systems
- Learning platforms that are adult-learner centric


Working adults who wish to upgrade themselves, so as to provide more value-addedness to their jobs, hence to raise the productivity of Singapore's workforce.


This new CET Diploma will comprise five 195-hour Modular Certificates (MCs), with the completion of each resulting in an award of a Certificate. Each Certificate, comprising two to four modules, would focus on a specific area of expertise that will enable the participant to acquire knowledge and the ability to perform a job function better.

The 5 Module Certificates are:
- Certificate in Naval Architecture (April 2012)
- Fundamentals of Naval Architecture Analysis
- Fundamentals of Hydrostatics
- Marine Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Certificate in Marine Offshore Systems (October 2012)
- Marine Engineering Systems
- Offshore Production Technology
- Offshore Drilling And Structures

Certificate in Mechanics (April 2013)
- Engineering Mechanics
- Strength of Materials
- Mechanics of Machines

Certificate in Materials & Manufacturing (October 2013)
- Engineering Materials
- Manufacturing Processes
- Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Management

Certificate in Thermofluid Engineering (April 2014)
- Fluid Mechanics
- Thermodynamics
- Piping Design
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